Boost digital transformation

We know how hard change is, especially when it involves a complex array of different systems.


Elevate your system's capabilities


Too many dashboards, complex system architecture, manual processes


Connect your payment systems to our banking portal with a single API integration to get a 360° view over your customers. From there, our system analyses the data of the transactions and reveals useful insights.

Why Pomelo

It's hard to keep up with the fast-moving payments space. We make it easy for you to add the latest payment technology or payment method into your existing offering. All in a single integration.

We aggregate all your channels into one view on the bank portal

Transform the banking experience- move past old and outdated systems by adopting our banking portal. API-driven and easily integrated into existing systems, our platform follows the highest security standards to make sure your data stays secure. Manage different channels and customers, all from our portal that gives you a 360 degree view of your customers. White-labelled and customised to your brand, we create a more personalised experience tailored to your needs.

We transform information into data to reveal actionable insights

Our data analytics tool is powered by a real-time tracking engine, allowing you to filter data and generate on-demand reports. This allows you to gain valuable insights into how your bank is performing and how you can offer better products to your customers based on usage and behavior. With our end to end encryption, we ensure that your data is in a secure environment 24/7/365.

We automate your processes to optimise your operations

Eliminate the need for manual checks with our compliance automation system. Input a set of parameters and it will automatically flag unique transactions. Content for shops can also be monitored to ensure that no unauthorised content is being uploaded or sold by merchants on the shop platform, ensuring that the bank is always following compliance regulations.

Payments you can bank on

Our platform powers financial institutions and organisations around the globe with the infrastructure to easily bring to market innovative payment solutions

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