Pomelo Modules

Developing the future of financial services requires resources, proper planning and development. To reduce time to market, pick from our digital products and launch top-of-the-game financial services to your customers.

International customers need international solutions

App & Dashboard

The only thing your businesses need to monitor their transactions. Highly reliable, it is adaptable for multi-entity and multi-location. From requests to refunds, our real-time system tracks everything. New transactions are immediately updated. And it's easy to consolidate and download reports to any device. No waiting, no spreadsheets, just a smart, user-friendly interface.

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Flexible payment methods for any situation

Payment links

From the dashboard, merchants can generate a secure link to request a payment in less than a minute. They simply enter the amount, generate a link and send it to the customer via email, SMS or any other platform. The customer then uses the link to pay securely with their preferred payment method.

QR code technology

Use one QR code for everything... payments, restaurant menus, in-store promotions and more. Simply display one static QR code at your shop and customers can access all the information they need. You also have the option to generate a new QR code for each unique payment from the app. Customers simply scan and pay via the mobile payment method of their choice.

Tap to pay

Introducing our latest technology, Tap to Pay. The smartphone is now a card reader, eliminating the need for expensive POS terminals. Simply tap your physical card onto an NFC-enabled smartphone to make the payment. One second later, the transaction is processed and the payment is made.

Payment gateway

Easily connect our payment gateway to your own e-commerce website. We make sure the customer journey stays true to your brand. Customise the hero image, the logo and the address on the receipt.

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Allow your businesses to showcase their best work

E - wallets & Virtual cards

We provide you with out-of-the-box e-wallets to add to your existing offering. With virtual card provisioning, your customers don't need to download any additional app to start transacting.


We have built a global ecosystem of banking and Fintech partners to support your ambitions.

Unlock new revenue streams

By leveraging our platform, we allow your businesses to multiply the customer touchpoints and transform them into sales channels without the need for extra hardware or headcounts. You can seamlessly launch new financial services to your customers through a single channel.

Generate cost-savings

Our hardware-less and automation technology can save you and your customers significant costs. We have an extensive track record of working with financial insitutions, saving them up to 60% CAPEX while upgrading their current offering to customers.

Access constant innovation

We feed our platform with innovation from our offices in London and Singapore. We have access to the best talent and the latest regulatory frameworks to help you stay on top of the game by consistently deploying the latest technologies and mitigating the risk of obsolescence.