Pomelo Engine

Sustainable growth starts with your internal end-to-end processes.
We optimise your operations thanks to our powerful proprietary engine designed to intelligently automate your flows.

Bank Portal

From managing transactions to onboarding businesses, take advantage of our bank portal for a comprehensive overview of your business. We can easily connect our portal to your existing systems.

Compliance automation

Harnessing the power of AI, you no longer need to comb through every transaction. Our system automates the process and hunts for violations after a set of security procedures have been uploaded. This allows you to free up manpower and spend less time on compliance, more time for the business.

Data analytics

Customize the dashboard to display favorite KPIs like average transaction amount, currency preferences and buyer locations. Smarter data means better performance.

Card management system

Issue, activate and monitor cards all under one system. Our card management system fits seamlessly and securely into your existing infrastructure to connect all payments in every channel. Dynamic analysis of every transaction helps your merchants offer favourable terms and new services to the right customers.


Merchants receive business-critical intelligence adapted to their needs. Like how many customers onboarded today. Or the volume of sales in yen. Or which industries process the most. Everything becomes clearer with our built-in reporting.

Data security

We are PCI Level 1 compliant, making sure your data is securely managed, processed and stored following the highest industry standards. We follow strict protocols to ensure end-to-end encryption on our entire platform.


We have built a global ecosystem of banking and Fintech partners to support your ambitions.

Unlock new revenue streams

By leveraging our platform, we allow your businesses to multiply the customer touchpoints and transform them into sales channels without the need for extra hardware or headcounts. You can seamlessly launch new financial services to your customers through a single channel.

Generate cost-savings

Our hardware-less and automation technology can save you and your customers significant costs. We have an extensive track record of working with financial insitutions, saving them up to 60% CAPEX while upgrading their current offering to customers.

Access constant innovation

We feed our platform with innovation from our offices in London and Singapore. We have access to the best talent and the latest regulatory frameworks to help you stay on top of the game by consistently deploying the latest technologies and mitigating the risk of obsolescence.