Payments you can bank on

Our platform powers banks and other financial institutions around the globe with the infrastructure to make innovative payments a reality.

Payments you can bank on.

Our platform powers financial institutions and fintech startups around the globe with the infrastructure to easily bring to market innovative payment solutions.


Integrated payment methods for all your customers

Our state-of-the-art platform technology is used by the world's leading financial institutions to launch new services with speed, security and confidence. Use our ready-made solutions via a single API or add new capabilities to your existing products.


Leverage our modular technology to transform your ecosystem.

Launch digital payments

Deploy the latest payment technologies, lower your operational costs and grow your market share.

Multi-currency payments
International payment methods and wallets
Omnichannel customer experience

Boost your digital transformation

Enter the era of Banking 4.0 and unlock new opportunities.

End-to-end process automation
Data analytics

Promote digital banking

Offer the best banking experience to your business customers.

Card management system
Virtual cards
SDK or ready-to-use UX and apps

Pick, choose, grow.

Want to access our full range of features for your merchants with a single integration? Then Pomelo Engine is your choice. For a more customized solution, add one of our digital products to your line-up of payment services.

Pomelo Engine

Our proprietary powerhouse designed to automate your end-to-end processes.

Bank Portal

Secure gateway built on on a robust technology platform to provide a 360° view over your business. Managing all your customers and different channels has never been easier.

Compliance automation

Streamline end-to-end compliance processes using our leading transaction and content monitoring systems.

Data analytics

Valuable insights powered by real-time tracking engine. Become an analytics-driven organisation and achieve better performance through data.

Card management system

Out-of-the-box packaged card products for an easy launch. We work with you to ensure a smooth migration.


All your data is secure and made available at all times for you. Generate on-demand reporting through smart filtering to facilitate your reconciliation process.

Pomelo Modules

Highly flexible digital products allowing you to launch cutting-edge financial services to your customers

App and dashboard

The only thing your businesses need to monitor their transactions. Highly reliable and adaptable for multi-entity and multi-location.

Multi-currency payments

With real-time conversion, flexible markup and multiple currencies, no customer gets left behind. Increase significantly your revenues from international transactions.

Payment links

Enter amount, generate link and send. It's as easy as that to allow businesses to get paid remotely using a secure payment link.

QR code technologies

Businesses generate a one-time QR code in seconds and the customer just needs to scan with their phone camera to pay.

Tap to pay

Bye-bye card terminals. Our technology turns any NFC-enabled smartphone into a card reader, letting your customers accept card payments with a few taps on their phone screen.


Reduce friction and ensure a seamless checkout experience for customers with our set of integrations

International payment methods and Local wallets

With over 25 local and international wallets and payment methods available, let every customer pay the way they want to.

Online Shops

Allow your businesses to create an online store and turn it into a powerful sales channel. All within our platform.

E-wallets & Virtual cards

Our e-wallets come with virtual cards so your merchants can pay and get paid from the same app.

Why Pomelo?

Consumer expectations and technological advances are moving too fast for most payment providers. Pomelo is different. With our expertise and powerful solutions, we can take care of your customers.

We have built a global ecosystem of banking and Fintech partners to support your ambitions.

Unlock new revenue streams

By leveraging our platform, we allow your businesses to multiply their customer touchpoints and transform them into sales channels without the need for extra hardware or staffing. You can seamlessly launch new financial services to your customers through a single channel.

Generate cost-savings

Hardware-free and fully automated, our technology can save you and your customers significant costs. We have an extensive track record of working with financial insitutions, saving them up to 60% CAPEX while upgrading their current offering to customers.

Access constant innovation

We feed our platform with innovation from our offices in London and Singapore. We have access to the best talent and the latest regulatory frameworks to help you stay on top of the game by consistently deploying the latest technologies and mitigating the risk of obsolescence.

WHy Pomelo

Trusted by innovators across the globe.

The payment space is rapidly evolving to cater increasing consumer expectations and technology trends are too fast to keep up with. We're here to take care of the heavy lifting for you so that you can focus on what you do best: taking care of your customers.

Pomelo helps luxury resorts increase their gross profit by 20%.

Over 90% of CCR's guests come from other traditional travel agents or online travel agents where CCR has to pay up to 30% commission to these agents which is significant margin away.

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